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Thursday, July 25, 2002

- The new Aimee Mann album Lost in Space can be streamed at her home page until the release date August 27th (via elements of surprise). Bachelor #2 was one of my favourites in 2000. Aimee Mann always reminds me of Joni Mitchell whose subtle melodies and personal lyrics captivated me a lot during my studies in the 80s. When I heard Aimee the first time I thought she was Joni reincarnated only twenty years younger, a similar crystal clear warm voice and the same looks: slender, fragile with long blond hair.
- Tom Ewing writes on the best-of 21 Singles by The Jesus and Mary Chain. I never really got into that band but I loved the trashy primitive guitar sound very much influenced by the Velvet Underground around White Light/White Heat.
- Strange Fruit has some news on Austin's American Analog Set splitting up as their singer Andrew Kenny is going to attend grad school at Columbia University. Their gig in Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago was my favourite concert this year up to now. Even the Sonic Youth concert in Cologne could not come close to that intense mind-blowing set.
- Ten songs Radiohead played at the first gig of their European Tour in Lisbon on Monday of which the new ones were described as more 'immediate and melodic' than their stuff on Kid A and Amnesiac as mp3s here: punch up at a wedding, myxomatosis, we suck young blood, i will, sail (you) to the moon, karma police, up on the ladder, scatterbrain, there there and lift (via parallx view).
I also found Joseph Tate's on-going investigation of the music and art of Radiohead in the form of a weblog: pulk-pull* (via eclogues).
- German: Bekenntnisse einer Frau, die es liebt Männer im Mund zu haben (kam mir anfangs wie ein Fake vor, ist aber in any case lesenswert).

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Some lame jokes on a band I don't care about
At I Love Music there is some Grateful Dead bashing going on. I found the following jokes there which possibly give an idea of the band and especially their fans:

Q: What do Grateful Dead fans say when they run out of drugs?
A: God this band are shit.

Q: Where do you hide your money from a Deadhead?
A: Under the soap...

Q: How can you tell a Deadhead has been at your house?
A: They're still there!

Q: How many Deadheads does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None... they just wait for it to burn out and then follow it around the country.

Jerry Garcia and Eric Clapton are captured by cannibals one day. Before they are about to be cooked for dinner they are granted one final wish. Jerry says "hand me my old guitar and let me play Dark Star one last time...". Eric says "please kill me before he starts".

And to finish off this not so serious morning post a programmer's joke I found at jc-log:
"There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don't."

Unhappiness (DE)
Das größte Unglück ist nicht zu merken, wieviel Glück man hat. Wenn einem das erst einmal klar geworden ist, dann ist man schon einen Schritt weiter. Unglücklich zu sein, obwohl ich alles habe, was ich brauche, ist ein Luxus, auf den ich gerne verzichten würde. Und doch finde ich, dass man gerade wenn es einem materiell gut geht trotzdem das Recht hat, unglücklich zu sein. Es ist geradezu so, dass man nur unglücklich sein kann, wenn gewisse Grundbedürfnisse befriedigt sind. Jemand, der nahezu verhungert oder verdurstet, kommt gar nicht dazu unglücklich zu sein, da seine Gedanken um andere elementarere Dinge kreisen als Glück oder Unglück. Es dürfte nach dem Geschriebenen unschwer zu erraten sein, dass ich unglücklich bin. Aber was mich im Moment antreibt, ist herauszubekommen warum. Irgendwo ist da die naive Hoffnung, dass wenn ich erst einmal den Grund gefunden habe, das Unglücklichsein verschwinden wird. Aber will ich das überhaupt? Vielleicht bin ich ja gerne unglücklich? Auch das ist möglich. Logisch stringent ist das alles nicht. Aber ich musste das jetzt mal loswerden.

Monday, July 22, 2002

How to keep track of weblogs
I have found what I was looking for. Call it a weblog monitor, a blogroll or a weblog watchlist. I am talking of a tool which organises the weblogs you read in a chronological way, i.e. the last updated ones on top of the list and the lazy guys & girls who didn't write anything recently on the bottom of the list. Up to now I have been using It worked fine but it had the disadvantage that it only took into account weblogs pinging to and some other monitor sites or to directly. I found freshblogs (via smi) which tracks any site even if the site does not ping. This is my current watchlist with music sites. None of these weblogs/sites pings but I can still keep track of the last updates this way. A small step for mankind but a big step for the weblog community (or at least for those webloggers like me who are not able to program a weblog monitor themselves).
Freshblogs can still be improved, e.g. the possibility to immediately open new windows from the monitor would be nice but I am sure new options will come soon. Another improvement could be a more frequent update check as I have got the impression that the list order only changes about once every three to six hours. A problem seems to be that websites showing up on top of the list do not always contain what I'd call new stuff. According to the discussion thread How Does Freshblog track sites?:
"When freshblogs has to scan a site it downloads the page pointed to by the URL. Freshblogs calculates an MD5 checksum from the page and stores this checksum in the database.
Unfortunately sometimes people's web sites have dynamic elements that aren't really new content. The checksum dutifully reports the changes, but this isn't necessarily what is wanted. What is needed is a "fuzzy" checksum that tolerates slight differences. This will always be a best guess though and never as realiable as people "pinging" to notify updates to their site."

Therefore I still would like people to manually ping whenever theý have added new content to their weblog. An easy way to do this is by using Phil Ringnalda's Weblogs ping bookmarklet constructor (you just have to input the name of your site and its url once) after every new post. The bookmarklet can be dragged to the Links Toolbar (in Internet Explorer) and is only a click away.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Nick Drake
Via my referrers I discovered the weblog letting loose with the leptard with a transcription of a monologue Nick Drake had spoken into a tape recorder in 1968 after having been to a party. I couldn't have put the analysis of Drake's words better myself:
"I posted the Drake monologue yesterday because I'd heard it for the first time the day before. Sitting down and listening to it was something of a revelation. First impression was that there was something faintly eerie about it, but that's only because I'm a fan of Nick Drake. To anyone else hearing it, they'd probably take it at face value: a young man, well spoken and well educated, having come home from a party a bit buzzed, staying up to play a bit of piano (as you do!) and watch the dawn come in, finally rambling into a tape recorder at five in the morning, enjoying the view. Even as he's sobering up he minds his p's and q's. And so to bed...."
Discovering people with similar interests who can write better about them than myself is always a revelation for me. That is what I like so much about the internet. That it connects my brain with other brains out there. And even if I am not able to write about the music I love as I would like to I at least often can find someone on the internet who can.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

From the link archives, pt. 1
- Maybe I should try this. Another way to stop smoking: YPL: Nicolaxx Nicotine Anal Suppositories (via ap-project).
- The Big Book of Sign Language by's The Gaping Maw (via daypop).
- Google Zeitgeist now with the most popular searches broken down by country: the UK and Spain were recently (about a week ago) obsessed with Big Brother (Gran Hermano) whereas France looked for Britney Spears and Germany was into the Muttertag (mother's day) (via Mefi).
- Slashdot discussion on Two Books from Haruki Murakami (via monkey puzzle).
- A nice new feature at the New York Times (free registration): audio music reviews (via fimoculous). The critic reads his review in between music extracts.
Examples: Sonic Youth - Murray Street and Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
- Did I already link to Strange Fruit, a rather new well-written music blog I discovered via badger?
- Mefi: info and links concerning Harry Smith , who compiled the Anthology of American Folk Music, which saved traditional American music from oblivion and influenced so many musicians to come. Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes are unthinkable without the Anthology.
- [parallax view] (July, 10th) on Cinerama's (not so new band by Chief Weddoe David Gedge) new album Torino:
"But rumours of a return to form, a darker more guitar-oriented sound and Steve Albini helping out on production tempted me to try out Cinerama's third album 'Torino' and I glad I did. It's basically The Wedding Present 'with strings attached' and the guitar squall on tracks like 'Starry Eyed' could have come off 'Seamonsters' ( there's an album that merits inclusion in my soon-to-be-resumed Lest Ye Forget series)."

Do Make Say Think live
When we arrived in the KoZ (Kommunikationszentrum) on the Frankfurt University Campus at 8 o'clock last Wednesday we were greeted by a wall of noise. The band was still on rehearsal. Around 9:30 when the concert was supposed to start there were hardly twenty spectators. Around 10 when the places started to fill the seven band members enter the stage and the bass player utters the only sentence of the evening: "We are Do Make Say Think from Toronto". They begin their set with "Classic Noodlanding", the first track on their last album & Yet & Yet. A promising slow starter introducing us to dense hypnotic droning soundscapes. The following pieces are noisier with guitar and other freakouts. The repetitive tuneless tracks start to grate. After a while we move from the front to the bar at the back of the room. The overall sound and especially the two drummers are too loud. The music resembles progrock and is very heavy. The musicians change instruments often. At one point there are two saxophones and two trumpets. The main trumpet player looks into the audience with a big smile whenever he pauses. Later on I understand why he grins so much. His muffled but still crystal clear trumpet sound makes me think of Miles Davis. A guy next to us rolls a joint with one hand and I suddenly think that that's it: dope music, music which can only be properly enjoyed under drugs. The guitarist is extremely thin and looks a little like Nick Cave. His guitar is way too big for him. After the concert I talk with the trumpet player who is extremely relaxed. I tell him that I am going to see Sonic Youth in Cologne the next day and it turns out that they play Cologne on the same day. Apparently they had also played Berlin at the same day as Sonic Youth and therefore didn't have a big audience. I mention my beloved Cowboy Junkies (dope music par excellence) as another band from Toronto and he tells me that at their concerts you can hear a needle fall (German expression) as the public is extremely attentive and silent. Margo Timmins languishing voice is simply irresistible. Though the concert was not really that impressive I still enjoyed it. At concerts with unknown bands in small places I feel more comfortable and closer to the music than listening to big names in big venues.
P.S. All Google searches (and some other engines as well) leading to the front page of this weblog are now temporarily (until the next Google crawl) deviated to my old home page at Geocities. I took this rather strict measure to be able to read my referrer logs again. The visitor numbers have already dropped by two thirds. Hooray!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Feeding the mice
- David Keenan's 100 essential albums. On first looks an interesting wide-ranging selection. The first ten records are: Springsteen's Nebraska, Throbbing Gristle's Heathen Earth, The Stooges Funhouse, Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister, Kiss Destroyer, The Boatmen's Call by Nick Cave, John Coltrane's Meditations, Odyssey and Oracle by The Zombies, Sonic Youth Sister and Liege and Lief by Fairport Convention (via douze lunes).
I own 25 albums of the list. There are several under those I mainly got as they were on other best of lists. Of those there are some albums I never listen to as I find them rather dull and overrated, for example Nico's Marble Index (depressive in the worst sense), Van Morrison's Astral Weeks (ok, but no masterpiece, except maybe for the lyrics which I don't understand), The Incredible String Band's The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (unlistenable and annoying) and Grateful Dead's Live/Dead (aimless dated noodling). Neither Joy Division nor New Order feature on the list. And where are two of the foremost songwriters: Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake? For you to judge...
- Long ten page interview with Thurston Moore at Nude as the News on Murray Street, the album, the street and the studio. Other topics are the way Sonic Youth compose, what Jim O'Rourke adds to the band etc. (via fluxblog)
- I participated in a thread on Nick Drake on I Love Music where the thread poster asked for good reasons why Nick Drake is considered so highly. I lost the URL as ILM is down again. The skeleton of a new ILM forum outside of Greenspun where posting is possible already is here. For ILM discussion on mainly technical issues concerning the new ILM there is the Yahoo! Group 12 ft lizards (free registration required) which is quite active when the Greenspun hosted ILM is down.
P.S. The Nick Drake thread is here: Nick Drake: why???
- Stylus Magazine's Chris Smith writes on each song on the Nuggets box (via badger). By the way after the Sonic Youth concert last Thursday an acquaintance made me discover a wonderful almost forgotten late sixties psychedelic band from Boston: Ultimate Spinach (AMG entry). I think they recorded three albums and disbanded because of drug problems. I listened to their 1968 album Behold & See which is somewhere in between Jefferson Airplane, Love, The Strawbs and Fairport Convention. In view of this crossover between West coast psychedelia and British folk-rock the label Bosstown sound referring to Boston makes a lot of sense. The stand-out track is called Mind Flowers and when listening to it in the right mood you can watch the flowers blossoming in your brain.
- The music weblog vain, selfish and lazy is back after an 8 months hiatus, Fred Solinger starts with his 100 fave albums.
- Two music weblogs I found via Wisdom Goof: modern music from the UK which is indie-oriented and more or less daily. It features news, links and personal opinions. Swordfight from Halifax, Canada is full of humour and offers you the phantastic blogrock feature. You link to Swordfight, e-mail Philip and he makes a song about your weblog which you then upload on your site.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Just two links
Sorry I am in a hurry. The concerts were great. I'll write about them later. Thank you for the feedback.
- There is a long article plus discussion at kuro5hin on Go: Life Itself:
"There is one board game that stands above all others. The most beautiful, most ancient, most strategic, most subtle. The king of games. A game which teaches as much as it entertains, whose enthusiasts number tens of millions and which has often been compared to life itself."
I never played Go though I was very much into chess. But Go has always fascinated me. Especially the "strange" space logic in it where you don't take the opponent's pieces directly but you try to isolate them and you try to dominate the board in terms of space I found appealing. A game for an overpopulated world where the battle is for anthroposphere and not so much for material wealth.
- Salon on Mission of Burma:
"The undeniable truth about Burma
Mission of Burma recorded 21 songs, helped invent post-punk, and left a legacy that resonated from R.E.M. to Moby. More than 20 years later, no one will let the band die."

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Tired of the internet
Somehow I am suffering from information overload these days. I don't know how many blogs I am following but I suppose it must be more than a hundred. Then I read a couple of news sites and my extensive weekly paper. And a Sunday paper. It is all too much. Sometimes I would just like to shut myself in without any connection whatsoever to any media. I don't find the time to blog and to think about myself and my life. Though I have a lot of ideas of themes I could write about. But blogging seems to be such a futile exercise in the moment. In the last weeks I forced myself to post something every two days but I usually posted links as I didn't feel like writing something. The strange thing is that finding worthy links takes much more time than writing something yourself. And it is much more frustrating as you have to go through such a lot of boring stuff, you don't have the satisfaction of creating something yourself and there is hardly any feedback. Yes, feedback is the magical word. I didn't get too much in the past weeks and I would be grateful to know if anyone cares for this weblog. There are almost one thousand visitors per day but how many readers are there and how many people are regulars? Sorry for this boring and depressive post. Tonight I will see Do Make Say Think (thanks for the tip Wortmetz) from Toronto who are on the same label as Godspeed YBE! at the university and tomorrow Sonic Youth who will play in Cologne. And I am very much looking forward to those concerts. So I guess I will have something to write about soon.

Monday, July 08, 2002

I Love Music threads
- 'Marquee Moon' LP is overrated: Me too I think that Television's debut is a little overpraised. It has its moments but there are not enough of them to fill an LP.
- Their voice gets in the way on rock singer voices people can't stand.
- Forthcoming Albums - Second half of 2002, What you looking forward to?: a very long list by dj martian which is completed by the ILM contributors.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Business as usual
- Discussion on How to Read Quickly Without Really Trying at kuro5hin. Some tips on how to accelerate your reading skill and how to read more efficiently.
- FilmWise is a site with a weekly quiz on movie stills. You can guess eight movies per week, the persons are taken out of the stills so that only the clothes can be seen. Quite surreal with the dresses hanging in space and rather difficult (via dekaf).
- Review of Sheila Hale's book The Man Who Lost His Language on her husband John Hale: "When a great historian lost his speech to a stroke, what remained of him?"...
"The mystery is that the huge physical insult to his brain seems to have changed everything about him except who he was. His spirit, as we might once have called it – or his "personality" if we feel we no longer can – survived the general devastation."
(via wood s lot). Another review of the book in The Economist.
- ILM discussion What's up with hating on the Doors where I tried to defend the music of The Doors and Jim Morrison against a huge majority of Doors dispraisers.
- Via the excellent music weblog Wisdom Goof which is updated daily now and featured the Doors reunion on Friday I found a great music blog called Slow Thrills with another review of Yo La Tengo's Sounds of Science score to the old underwater short films by Painlevé. I'd like to read more of Slow Thrills but a bright font on black background is so awful to read... That really is an attack on my sensitive eyes. Catherine's pita and the Stylus Magazine's blog (in an incredibly small font) are doing the same. How can someone choose a dark colour background scheme? Something to do with Netscape? I use Internet Explorer and these pages turn out almost unreadable. Or are these people night cats?
- Monosyllabic :: the rotation is an indie music blog worth your attention (via badger).
- The Rub is another music blog (via somnolence who has redesigned).
- German: 40.000-Zeichenerguss über den Aufenthalt in einem Swingeretablissement.

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Le Livre des Illusions
I got an interesting comment from Stuart Pilkington, a fan of the writings of Paul Auster who is responsible for the excellent Paul Auster (The Definitive Website) which is appropriately enough based in the UK:
Here's something from my FAQ page for you: "I e-mailed Paul Auster's assistant and she said "Yes--The Book of Illusions is absolutely wonderful. But I have no idea why it came out earlier in those countries." So I e-mailed his French publishers, Actes-Sud, and they said "Indeed, "The Book of illusions" has been published in France before its coming out in USA and GB. In fact, Actes Sud has a very close contact to Paul Auster as the French echo of his work has highly contributed to his international success. Our editorial direction got the manuscript directly from the author without having to wait for its publication in English language. Therefore, the schedule of each publishing house, from one side or another of the Atlantic or the Channel, are completly independent - and we were so enthusiastic about this new novel that we were especially eager to offer it to our readers as soon as possible!"" Cheers Stuart

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Le premier venu.
René Char

- After Napster its successor Audiogalaxy bit the dust as well. But there is no reason to worry. Loads of other P2P services are ready to take over. Who will win the race? Pitchfork: How To Survive Without Audiogalaxy: A Guide to File-Sharing Alternatives. The competition will be fierce as the other side is not sleeping neither: Music labels go after song-swappers.
- Very good Keith Jarrett site with questions & answers
- Did you know that Camper van Beethoven covered Fleetwood Mac's album Tusk, the follower of their biggest selling record Rumours, in 1986 (via robotwisdom)?
- I started the still almost virgin thread on Michelle Shocked: Search and Destroy on ILM. I also write in this thread: Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. According to the fellow forum participators I am stretching the Wilco-Beatles comparison a little.
- Douglas Wolk, who usually reviews music, writes in Salon on the classic bestseller Joy of Cooking written by a supposedly terrible cook
- A board game blog from Salisbury, UK: nimrods. I still haven't found a chess blog.
- You want to meet fellow bloggers near you? Try!
- Times Online on Alain de Botton's new book The Art of Travel on how travelling and literature can fecundate each other (MeFi discussion on the perfect combination of a book, a destination and a way of travelling).
- New fast indexing search engine with cache: openfind (via dj martian). It comes from Taiwan and is still in the beta phase.
- German: Revolutionslieder und Protestsongs wurden gerade beim Sofa Blogger diskutiert.

Clevere Geschäftsleute
Gestern beim Aufruf der Seite eines nicht ganz unbedeutenden Onlinehändlers, bei dem ich gelegentlich schon eingekauft habe, traute ich meinen Augen kaum, ob dieses genialen Vorschlags:
"Alexander FRITZ, verdienen Sie EUR 217,70
Verkaufen Sie Ihreäufe bei "

Wollen die sich jetzt zur stark überteuerten Onlinebücherei entwickeln, oder was? Einmal an einem Kunden verdienen, reicht wohl nicht mehr, um bei der Bilanz in die schwarzen Zahlen zu kommen. Aber immer noch besser als Bilanz fälschen, oder?
P.S. Au weia, um so viel Geld für Secondhandzeugs zu kriegen, muss ich aber schon ganz schön Kohle bei denen gelassen haben.

Deutscher Blogeintrag des Tages
Es war einmal... in København:
Das nun folgende war wirklich eine Frage, die in einer Physikprüfung, an der Universität von Kopenhagen, gestellt wurde:
Beschreiben Sie, wie man die Höhe eines Wolkenkratzers mit einem Barometer feststellt.
Ein Kursteilnehmer antwortete:
"Sie binden ein langes Stück Schnur an den Ansatz des Barometers, senken dann das Barometer vom Dach des Wolkenkratzers zum Boden. Die Länge der Schnur plus die Länge des Barometers entspricht der Höhe des Gebäudes."
(wie es weiterging und wer der Prüfling war bei da-tom)

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Coming back
- Josh blog is back: Ideas for an unwritten review of the new Tom Waits CDs
- Two years after their last album Yo La Tengo released the underwater movie soundtrack The Sounds of the Sounds of Science recently. You can only order it via their website for $10 plus shipping. It consists of eight instrumental tracks to eight short films on underwater life by Jean Painlevé. The evolution of Yo La Tengo from Post Paisley Underground to noisy drone rock and then to the warm and mellow songs on And then Nothing... seems to have come to a logical end here. Yesterday morning I tried to listen to the new CD in the car but realised that it is definitely evening or night music. Too slow, too impressionistic, too soft (except the noisy "Liquid Crystals") in the morning. Some tracks are close to ambient but the drums always play an important role though Hubley's drumming is refrained and unobtrusive. When you think about it it seems quite a challenge to make music for a film on a world of silence. I think Yo La Tengo have succeeded here. The album is still growing on me. Yo La Tengo played the score live on tour last year while the films were screened. A live review is here. The album is reviewed in the Dusted Magazine. A long interview with the band about the project in the Independent Weekly.

Monday, July 01, 2002

- People who read my blog using a weblog monitor like or should update their weblog list in case they want to continue reading me. From now on I ping the weblog name "sax and sunshine" to instead of "s*x and sunshine" with the "*" standing for the most common letter in the alphabet.
- Google has finished its' monthly crawl. Unfortunately my page rank went down from six to five and I am now no. 4 (not counting websites twice) for the infamous "s*x"-query. I can't believe it. I suppose the number of visitors per day will exceed the one thousand mark soon. The measures I took to repel people looking for smudgy stuff will probably only take effect after the next crawl.

- Marjorie Kelly's critic of capitalism and especially the shareholder value becomes more and more relevant in view of the falsified balances of Enron, Worldcom, Xerox etc.: The Divine Right of Capital
- The European knowledge test (via prolific). Not very difficult as I got 19/20.
- The new Flaming Lips album is streamed on their site (Mefi discussion).
- Everett True on Ed Kuepper, the great rather unknown Australian songwriter: The Cornish Arms - Artists' Biographies (via monkey puzzle)
- Tom Ewing on the Talking Heads Fear of Music and Remain in Light and the Byrne/Eno collaboration My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (I have to relisten to that album. In my memory a brilliant experimental record): It's nearly Africa (ILM discussion)
- I Love Music: did we ever have a Keith Jarrett thread?
- 'Deep in a Dream': A Life of Chet Baker, the Popularizer of Cool. Extract 'Deep in a Dream' (free NYT registration required)
- 'Anything Goes' (free registration required), the new novel by Madison Smartt Bell is about a 20-year-old traveling with his band across the South. Excerpt:
"Kurt Cobain was teaching me how to play "Lithium." One of two songs off that record I ever liked well enough to care to learn it. How the changes were just so brutally stupid, like they went out of their way to pick the exact wrong chords. The funny thing was I was playing guitar. Kurt was explaining to me–you got to keep it rough. Which it seems like rough was built into the chord progression anyway but maybe it wasn't quite so simple as I thought. So he was reaching for the guitar to show me what he meant but somehow the guitar sort of went tilting away from both of us and that's how I woke up." (via wood s lot)

German - deutsch - allemand
- Kollektive gemischtgeschlechtliche Besäufnisse: "Drei befreundete /bekannte Paare meinereins haben sich beim gemeinsamen Kotzen nach zuviel Alkohol kennengelernt.":
- Interessante Diskussion über die Ablehnung des internationalen Strafgerichtshofs in Den Haag von den USA bei hirn&verbrannt.
- Glückwunsch an Brasilien. Es ist selten, dass die Schönheit über die Effizienz siegt. Ausgerechnet ihr bestes Spiel bei der WM verlieren die Deutschen, soviel Ironie hätte ich der Mannschaft gar nicht zugetraut. Zudem wissen wir nun, dass Kahn auch nur ein menschlicher Torwart ist.


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